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Even though, the denim on denim trend is not quite new, it's still as cool as it was in the past years. Well, forget the Britney and Justin episode at the American music video awards in 2001...this wasn't cool.
 The thing with these outfits is that they're so easy to pull you barely have to think of the clothes but put more time in the accessories, and.. exept the little black dress, which outfit can do that? Another great thing about the canadian tuxedo is that, once again, depending on the accessories you'll choose, it can be approppriate for almost any occasion, because it can go from a simple work day to attending a fashion show.
So here's some inspiration for you to rock a denim outfit this summer and feel confident about it!.. a little bit as Britney and Justin did, finally.
-Try others items than the usual jeans and a denim blouse (like a skirt with a jeans jacket or a denim kind of t-shirt with an overall)
-Black is always a good idea, but when it comes to denim, try to paired it with beige or camel, it looks so more stylish
 -Don't be scared to buy "elephant pants", the skinny revolution is over
-As I said, camel and beiges are a good option with denim but don't wear the shoes, a blazer and all the accessories in tones of camel, You'll look like a farwest cowboy.
-Don't wear cowboy boots with a jeans on jeans outfit, also. Just in case.
-Neither a cowboy hat.
-Basically, keep it simple and chic.


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